Botanical Complex Serum 30ml

Botanical Complex Serum 30ml

Ivi Organics

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Skin nourishing serum, ideal for sensitive and aging skin, packed with high concentrations of Antioxidants and Vitamin C, derived from super-rich oils.

  • This 100% USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC SERUM (Health Canada Cosmetic No. 3259429) is a nourishment-filled anti-ager perfect for anyone looking for natural true beauty; Ideal for sensitive and aging skin
  • When it comes to anti-aging and beauty, antioxidants and vitamins are the fighters on the front line, working to repair, protect and replenish your skin
  • BOTANICAL COMPLEX SERUM for all skin types created with precious bioactive botanicals believed to calm couperose- prone skin, irritation and redness conditions; This versatile product infuses skin with potent bio-actives, to truly nourish and enrich your complexion; Skin looks and feels rejuvenated, firmer and more radiant
  • This botanically-charged serum uses active extracts from HIBISCUS, SEA BUCKTHORN, ROSEHIP, ROSE, ALOE VERA, FEVERFEW, LICORICE, infused in super-rich oils, to help to regenerate cells, to combat wrinkles formation and to reduce the first signs of aging
  • HIGH CONCENTRATION OF BOTANICALS and rich oils, NO FILLERS; We do not use WATER, GLYCERINE as a filler to keep the unit costs low; This dilutes the product, making it less effective; We don’t compromise the effectiveness of our products; We only use high quality, pure active ingredients to provide the best anti aging skin care product; it is extremely potent and meets the USDA organic standards

Before use please make a small patch test to ensure you are not sensitive to the product. Avoid contact with eyes.