About us

Why and how we commit to nature's way

We started searching for options for improving the health of our bodies. We have been always in harmony with nature. In the early 90's we began our journey as European distributors for Nature's Way dietary supplements. Later we also distributed NowFoods, at that time our own line of Helianthos products came to the market. Wanting something new, we introduced herbal homeopathic tinctures.

We are encouraged to design top quality, luxurious oil serums, certified 100% USDA Organic and also ProCERT certified. The various blends of oils used in these serums are especially chosen from a variety of exclusive ingredients found in tropical forests around the equator and some hard to reach places on the earth. All our products are suitable especially for vegetarians and vegans. They are cruelty free and not tested on animals.

All formulas were invented by Iveta, a medical intuitive, certified aromatherapist and a chemist with a graduate degree in biology.