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All our serums were precious formulated to bring aromatherapeutic and phytotherapeutic effects for skin treatment. Exclusively selected botanical extracts and essential oils are infused in rich oils offering a different combination of therapeutic properties and benefits. They are not created on a water basis (90% and up like in other commercial products) with xanthan gum and other emulsifiers. You don’t have to go to SPAs or Beauty Salons, you can use them from the convenience of your home. Be a beautician yourself! Make your face, neck, décolleté, shoulders, hands look beautiful. Every drop feeds your skin cells, brings harmony (Equilibrium), regeneration and revitalization (Cellular Repair), rejuvenation and nourishment (Botanical Complex), hydration (Aqua Balance), brightening and firming (Supreme C).

To ensure to achieve best results, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Apply on a clean and damp skin / or with a drop of water (to seal it into deep layer of skin)
  2. At least twice a day (morning / evening)
  3. For a period of 1 month (perhaps you even won’t have to use day and night cream)

You will definitely see the difference. Botanical extracts, oils and essential oils offer countless benefits to our skin. So why should we ever want to use harsh chemicals for our beauty needs? Some chemically-based products may be more accessible and promise quick results, but the effects often don’t last long and can even cause more harm than good. With organic ingredients, you get even better efficacy, minus the harsh drawbacks. Be charming, your complexion will feel on touch like velvet blossom, smooth like silk sheer, clear like morning dew, in equilibrium of tranquility, on tone of absolute C.

All of our products are:
100% USDA Certified Organic
No Water
Gluten Free
No Toxic Preservatives
No Sodium Benzoate
No Potassium Sorbate
No Hydrogenation
No Parabens
No Palm Oil
No Mineral Oils
Cruelty Free

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